Have you ever wondered who are your Spirit Guides? 

Wondered about your Past Lives and Karmic Debts for this lifetime?  

If you answered yes to either question, I can help you.



Private Session with Darlene

Darlene Wilson is an Intuitive with over 40 years experience interacting with the paranormal world in numerous venues. 
She has been doing house clearings, psychic readings, metaphysical/ spiritual healing and counseling for years. She is Owner and Tour Guide for a haunted and historical tour business, A Haunting Experience Tours and has had many ghostly experiences. She is co-author of Haunted Prescott sharing many of those experiences.. 

She has learned the great rewards of dreams and how Spirit, or our Guides reveals to us the things we need to know.  How dreams can make us aware of our path and reveal the next step we need to take in our life.

Darlene finds the paranormal so fascinating and loves exploring all the possibilities that are out there.  It’s never ending and always an adventure.

Knowing more about your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angles is comforting. Someone who is there to listen and even share their guidance. They are chosen carefully for you and completely devoted to YOU.  

Learn who they are and how to communicate with them.  Darlene can help you through this process. 


Includes a Skype, Facetime, or over the phone" 1 hour conversation and emailed or  written material to help you contact your Guide.

Past Lives reveals and explains the life you have today. Your friends, spouses, family and Karmic debts. The challenges you have in this lifetime and lessons you are to learn.

What's your Motivation in this lifetime. What your Soul wants you to experience and what your Life Path is now.


Includes an "Skype, Facetime,  or over the phone" One hour conversation and emailed material to help you better understand this life's journey.