My name is Darlene Wilson and I am an Intuitive.  I have many years experience as an Intuitive and have worked with several police agencies on a number of cases.         

My area of expertise and one I love doing is replacing stale or negative energy with positive, loving energy.  The results are incredible.         

My clients notice a huge difference after a clearing, saying that their space now feels tranquil and peaceful. 

I am always respectful of you and your experiences and will do my very best to improve the energy in your home or office. 

​FREE CONSULTATION   My goal is to remove the old, stale negative energy, clear it and replace it with good, clean loving energy.     I will gladly discuss your concerns, and set up a free consultation to answer questions and explain how I can assist you. 

CONTACT ME:  928-642-5074

 “My client’s home had been on the market for one year with NO activity.  I needed to do something so I called Darlene to do a cleansing. Within one week I had two offers on the house.  What a difference a clearing can make!!!  I’m a believer.”  SL, Realtor, Prescott 
 “When I returned from a vacation, my home had the most uncomfortable    feeling.   A friend told me about the work Darlene does and I gave her a call.  After one cleansing the uncomfortable feelings were gone!  It seemed the negative energy came from something I had purchased at an estate sale the week before my trip.  Now my home is once again peaceful.”  LD, Homeowner, Sedona 
 “My business started to slow down and I couldn’t understand why.  Customers weren’t stopping in anymore.  Another store owner told me about Darlene and what she had done to help her business, so I gave her a call.  After one clearing, things turned around and business increased.  I’m not sure what caused the slow down in sales but I do know what caused the increase.”  SG, Store Owner, Scottsdale 

I have known Darlene for a number of years and recently I contacted her about a different subject.  During our conversation she mentioned that the energy in my house felt scattered.  It has been a difficult year for me so I wasn’t surprised by her observation.  I asked her if she would clear my house as well as my sister’s house as my sister’s year has been distressing. 

I sent Darlene floor plans for both of the houses, as we live in Germany; this is definitely a ‘remote’ clearing.  Darlene removed the stagnate energy and heavy emotions from both homes.  Almost immediately they felt warmer and happier.  She gave both of us detailed information on what she discovered during the clearings as well as instructions on how to keep the energy uplifted.  Darlene is very professional, caring and committed to ensuring our homes were cleared.  I look forward to using her services again as I believe that clearing my house for the New Year will become a tradition. SW, Home Owner, Germany